Business Membership

Businesses whose client and customer base includes Texas faculty members find mutual benefit by advertising their services through the Texas Association of College Teachers.  

TACT Business Membership

Benefits include access to TACT lobbyists who advocate for better faculty salaries and benefits, including issues relating to the Optional Retirement Program as well as notification of the 3 other quarterly issues published. Dues are $250 annually.

eBulletin Advertising

The TACT Quarterly eBulletin is recognized as a leading Texas journal on issues affecting faculty, such as retirement planning, investing, legislative affairs and political news. 

TACT Home Page

Like all businesses and ventures, TACT must stay abreast of technological innovation to share information and services faster and in more detail. TACT's new World Wide Web site expands knowledge about Texas higher education to an international audience. Development, hardware, training and consulting costs to the association are defrayed through business advertisements on the Web, either at the "Founding Underwriter" level of $2,500 or the "Participating Sponsor" level of $1,000.