Another Attack on Texas Public Education and, of course, on the Middle Class

The Teacher Retirement System was created in 1937 as a way to make teaching in Texas a desirable career. TRS is one of the largest and healthiest pension funds in the nation. It consistently outperforms expected rates of return and serves as a backbone of attracting quality people into the education profession in the Lone Star State.

Most folks know that public education is essential to creating and maintaining individual opportunity, equality, democracy, and stability in our society. It has been fundamental to the growth of the middle class. People understand that its teachers, staff, and administrators serve the best interests of keeping our society strong by educating our youth, from Kindergarten through public colleges and universities.

At present, these Abbott-appointees are advancing two inter-related proposals which would undermine the TRS. These proposals are complex, subtle, nuanced and difficult for average people, busy with their own lives, to follow.

Yet, there always seems to be someone representing special interests chipping away at the foundations of our education system. Presently (and incredibly) in Texas, it is a faction within the Teacher Retirement System (TRS) Board of Trustees. This mainly Governor Abbot-appointed element of the TRS Board seems to be angling to undercut the TRS retirement program for present and future retirees.

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