Faculty Salary Bill: HB 894

State Representative Jim McReynolds has again filed a bill at TACT's request which seeks to increase Texas faculty salaries to the average of the other top ten most populous states over the course of eight years.

The legislation, HB 894, may be viewed by clicking HERE.



State of the State Address

Governor Rick Perry is expected to include certain details of his higher education plan for this session during his Constitutionally-required State of the State Address Tuesday, Feb.

Senator Watson Wants New Flagship

Senator Kirk Watson of Austin today called for a third flagship university in Texas and says his staff is researching the issue to determine whether he will file a bill.

Watson says it's unfortunate that when people think about research centers, they think about the east and west coasts.  "There are great things happening here and we already have premier universities......we need to preserve and enhance them.  But 20 years from now...we want to have at least a third new flagship university."


University Presidents’ Salaries Increasing

Wire reports today cite increasing competition in the hiring of the best candidates as university presidents for the escalating salaries being paid.  A survey reported in the Chronicle of Higher Education found that 112 of 853 public and private university presidents received compensation packages greater than half a million dollars annually.

Examples of compensation reported include $2.7 million recently at Wilmington College in Delaware, $1.3 million at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and $525,000 at the University of Texas at Austin.
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