2013 Average Faculty Salary Comparison

The AAUP (American Association of University Professors) has released the Fiscal Year 2013 data for the Average Faculty Salary Comparison – Texas Public Universities and Ten Most Populous States report. 

Texas remains its consistent 7% behind the average.  For the full report, please click here.

TRS Asks TACT for Feedback

As a “valued stakeholder,” the Teacher Retirement System of Texas has formally asked TACT for input into its 2015-2019 strategic plan.  Specifically, the plan’s four goals include:

1.     Sustain a financially sound pension trust fund.
2.     Build and maintain strong, customer-focused relationships.
3.     Facilitate access to competitive, reliable health care benefits for our members.
4.     Attract, retain and develop a highly competent staff.

TACT Supports Fewer Guns

This past Monday, the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Rural Affairs and Homeland Security heard testimony in support of loosening the state’s gun laws—with an open carry measure at the top of the list. 

This means that “open carry” could be coming to your campus soon. 


TACT Corners House Speaker Straus

While attending a political event this past weekend, TACT Vice President of Legislative Affairs Mary Jo Garcia Biggs found the opportunity to visit briefly with Texas House Speaker Joe Straus.  After initially mentioning our concern that many candidates have expressed support for guns on campus legislation, she described how universities are losing top faculty due to uncompetitive compensation.  Several years ago, system chancellors were testifying that Texas was hiring top talent from states that entered the recession before Texas; now some of those same faculty members are moving out of state to places investing more heavily in top instructors and researchers.

Join TACT at half-price: We shout on your behalf!

Join TACT at half-price: We shout on your behalf!

Some Texans think public policy occurs only during Legislative Sessions in odd-numbered years. Not true. Not when both remaining Republican candidates for Lt. Governor favor guns on campus. Not when Texas Grant scholarships are funded less than they were five years ago. Not when faculty salaries still trail the average of the other top ten most populous states, or public retirement system participants are being asked to pay more of the costs. Not when objectives are to push more students through the pipeline faster, rather than permit flexibility that places the students’ needs first.

O.K., we’re a special interest group. YOUR special interest group. Lobbyists. Every professional has one except those who think elected officials will “do the right thing.”

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