Sponsorship Opportunities

Become a sponsor! Email office@tact.org

Sponsorship Opportunities

*Conference Sponsorship: (2 options)

Two days during February and October TACT members meet with State Legislators and other officials to discuss issues our members feel should be at the forefront of the upcoming legislative session.

To encourage TACT members to attend the conferences, registration fees are minimal. Corporate sponsors traditionally carry much of the conference expenses and are encouraged to attend and mingle with the leaders of Texas higher education.

Single Event Conference Sponsorship: 

Company Logo on conference agendas.

Thank you on website.    $500.00

Exclusive Full-Conference Sponsorship:   

Company logo on conference agendas.

Thank you on website with company hyperlink.    $1,000.00


*Educational Programming Sponsorship:

This sponsorship assists in providing educational programming at our two conferences, as well as throughout the year for our members to receive up to date information on best practices and concerns for higher education.

Gold Sponsorship:

Company logo on conference material and on TACT website with hyperlink.   $2,500.00


*First Alert Sponsorship:

First Alerts emails are how TACT keeps its members informed of important legislative and organizational highlights. We release at least 12 per year.

Company hyperlink included in these digital communications, along with recognition on the First Alerts page of the TACT website.    $1,000.00/year


*Website Sponsorship: (2 options)

Development, hardware, training and consulting costs to the association are defrayed through business advertisements on the web. (2 options)

Participating Sponsor:

Company hyperlink displayed on the sidebar on the top left-hand of page.    $1,000.00/year

Founding Underwriter:

Business logo with hyperlink displayed in a banner on the TACT website header and is viewable from every page.    $2,500.00/year


If you feel any of these sponsorship options fit your company needs, please email TACT today to become a sponsor!

Email: office@tact.org