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Speak Up - Eliminating Tenure, DEI and Academic Freedom is Closer to Reality

Reach out to your legislators TODAY!

There has been progress on these critical higher education bills driven by the Lt. Governor. Please read these updates and respond.

This was passed by the Senate on April 11. The bill was amended to require institutions to fire a faculty member who violates the section, and to establish a complaint filing procedure for alleged violations. SB 16 will likely be referred to the House Higher Education Committee next week.

What you can do:

  • Read the engrossed version of SB 16. Contact House members, especially House Higher Education committee members, and voice your opinion on the bill.

This bill was heard in Senate Education Subcommittee on Higher Education on April 6. Several dozen witnesses opposed the bill, mostly students and faculty. After four hours of testimony, the committee voted to refer the bill to the full Senate Education Committee at a time yet to be determined.

What you can do:

This was reported favorably from the full Senate Education Committee on April 6. It has yet to be placed on the Senate Intent Calendar, which would make it eligible for hearing on the Senate Floor. (This will would not allow the granting of tenure after 9/1/23.)

What you can do:

  • Contact your senator with your opinion regarding SB 18, which is headed for the Senate Floor.

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