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TACT Statement of Unity

We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. TACT joins faculty, staff, and students of color in calling for systemic changes to law enforcement training specifically and for concrete actions to eliminate current and future racial disparities.

To meet the challenges of national racial disparities and the worldwide pandemic, we are committed to impactful teaching and learning strategies to address the unique, varying needs for students to become active citizens with meaningful lives and employment.

Whether K-12, college or virtual, all campuses should be safe, stimulating environments where faculty teach professionally and understand and value the wide variety of perspectives students bring to the classroom, the campus, and the larger community.

Failure of anyone to reach her or his potential is the failure of all Americans to reach our collective potential. Furthermore, as John Dewey stated, "Education is life itself." Investment in quality education today for all is the catalyst for the better society of tomorrow.

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