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TX House Hearing on Dual Credit Issue March 25

by Chuck Hempstead, Executive Director, TACT

The House Higher Education Committee has been asked by the Speaker to study the Dual Credit quality issue, and will do so at a public hearing March 25, 10am, at the Texas Capitol, room E2.026. See agenda here.

TACT's Involvement

TACT has been discussing dual credit with Texas legislators as long as there has been dual credit, especially highlighting the need to preserve academic rigor. With exquisite timing, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), with whom TACT often partners in its legislative efforts, just released a policy document on dual credit which includes recommended best practices. Executive Director Chuck Hempstead hand delivered TACT's Legislative Agenda along with AAUP's statement to members of the Texas House Higher Education Committee and will be attending the hearing on our behalf.

How You Can Help

We encourage TACT members & Texas higher education faculty to email a short paragraph on your campus and classroom experience with dual credit to the TACT state office at by March 19. If you want to attend the hearing to give testimony, email us or call us at 512-873-8195.

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