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TACT's Mission

To provide university faculty with the means to inform the Texas public, Governor, Legislature, other state and private agencies of the views and concerns of higher education, as well as keep TACT's members and constituents informed of the various issues that impact higher education.

About TACT

TACT was founded in 1948 by Sam B. Barton as the College Classroom Teachers Association.  The name was changed to the Texas Association of College Teachers in 1958.

For over 70 years, TACT has been at the forefront of the fight for teacher salaries and retirement benefits, academic freedom in the classroom, and tenure protection.  Credit for the success of the association goes to the thousands of academic leaders who spent their time, talents, energy and emotion to guide TACT through its six decades of service to the profession.

Truly, an association is only as strong as the combined efforts of its members and only through the contributions of many committed individuals have our successes been possible.

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