Legislative Agenda 2019-2020

1. Higher Education Funding. 

TACT supports increasing appropriations investments over the current budget levels to fund continuing progress of the 60X30TX goals of a better educated populace, tuition relief, faculty salary parity, Hurricane Harvey rebuilding, the growing unfunded mandate of the Hazelwood Act Legacy Program, and TEXAS Grant scholarships. Any movement toward performance based funding must guard against degradation of educational equity or quality.

2. Freedom of Expression. 

Universities are increasingly the sites of demonstrations and counterdemonstrations regarding the important societal issues of the day. Higher education must be proactive in encouraging safe opinion-sharing among all its constituents.

3. Hazelwood Legacy Program. 

The growing unfunded mandate of free tuition for some increases the costs for everyone else. The program should be fully funded or reconsidered.

4. Public Education Funding. 

TACT supports increasing appropriations investments in public education to increase the number of college-ready freshmen prepared to prosper in higher education.

5. Access to Education for All Residents in the State of Texas. 

The principles of equity expressed by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals should be supported in order that all residents of Texas be provided the opportunity to further their education.

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