Legislative Agenda 2020-21

1. Higher Education Funding. 

Continuing the progress of Texas Higher Education goals, the Legislature should direct universities to use increased funding for current and additional full-time faculty.  Full-time faculty not only teach, but perform research, service, student career advising and mentoring.  Additionally, the growing unfunded mandates of free tuition increases the financial burden for other students.

2. Facility Enhancement. 

University facilities are increasingly becoming specialized according to discipline.  As they age, they are damaged by natural disasters and deferred maintenance.  Tuition Revenue Bonds, Public-Private Partnerships and other creative tools must be considered for students to receive the best possible outcomes. 

3. Research. 

As university research is becoming more diversified among Texas universities, state support should be more equitably distributed across university systems.

4. Dual Credit. 

TACT continues to expect that the quality and student expectations of dual credit courses are equal to university curricula.  TACT endorses the 2019 “Statement on Dual Enrollment” and its best practices by the American Association of University Professionals (AAUP).

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