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Batiste Consulting Releases College and Career Textbook

Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Photo credit Shivaughn Batiste

TACT recently learned that one of its members, Seth Batiste, has a consulting company that recently released the 9th Edition of College and Career Success digital textbook. Like many higher education educators, Batiste is leading in a variety of areas to advance higher education. TACT interviewed Mr. Batiste about his consulting firm and his new achievement.

Batiste is the Chief Strategist, Strategic Initiatives for Lone Star College – North Harris. Prior to this position, he held the office of Executive Director of Accreditation and Compliance for the System Office. While leading the Office of Accreditation, all three (3) baccalaureate degree programs have now been approved by both the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THEBC), SACSCOC, and the U. S. Department of Education.

What was the catalyst for starting Batiste Consulting?

“In grad school, I hated elements of group projects when roles were being negotiated. In lieu of bartering for responsibility, I often took the portion of the project that no one else wanted. This was typically a more difficult task. Recently, I have embraced my love for creatively solving complex problems.

Further, I am great at making connections; making connections and having an architect-like personality type (Myers-Briggs) meant certain jobs were more of a fit than others, namely faculty and consultant. I have been blessed to do both. Projects and problem-solving affords me a passion that I first realized in 2003; it grew from my offering many small businesses pro-bono services aimed at solving this or that problem. In 2020, while quarantined during the COVID pandemic, I changed the name of my consulting firm from Batiste Educational Services of Texas (BEST) to Batiste Consulting, LLC. Projects for Batiste Consulting, LLC include planning and implementing major projects, writing mini-proposals, and delivering professional development to name a few. At BC, we take on projects that help clients grow, while forming the types of client relationships that foster trust and substantial growth.”

Tell us about Batiste Consulting

“Batiste Consulting, LLC (BC) is a growing consulting firm with humble beginnings. We help solve the most complex issues within organizations and develop holistic plans for development and implementation. This includes consulting, workshops, and follow-up evaluation measures that ensure success. Further, we believe in community education advocacy for struggling schools. We work with a range of entities, from K-12 school districts to international Learning Management System companies. Our most recent project is with a major publishing company to create research-based content specific to college student success. To this end, we are pleased to announce that the release of College and Career Success, 9th Edition. This is part of our post-secondary solutions.”

Mr. Batiste can be reached at or visit


Take a Sneak Peak at College and Career Success

If you’d like to view the digital textbook along with AchieveWORKS® assessments, follow the instructions below.

College & Career Success The best way to see what College & Career Success can do is to try it for yourself. To use our "guest" staff account, visit and LOG IN using the email address and password Potential20. For answers to the most common questions and a suggested self-guided tour please go to Like a textbook, College & Career Success is purchased by students, either from your bookstore or Human eSources, without direct cost to your institution. To learn more, please contact me at Try AchieveWORKS assessments Three assessments for personality, learning style, emotional and multiple intelligences are included with College & Career Success. The assessments can also be purchased individually and used by other departments at your institution. To try the assessments:

  1. In an internet browser, go to

  2. Click LOG IN.

  3. Under register a new account, click Enter Access Key.

  4. Enter the access key WF879LP and click Submit Access Key.

  5. Fill out the registration form and click Save & Continue. Record your email address and password to log in next time.

  6. Click Start under My To Do List on My Homepage OR go to My Portfolio and click Go To Assessment to take an assessment.

Upon completion of each assessment, you will automatically receive the results. To see your results the next time you log in, go to My Portfolio and click View Full Report. Help when you need it If you require assistance at any point, please contact me -- or try our friendly customer support department, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern time), at or 1-888-295-1520 ext.100.

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