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Executive Director's Column: State Gearing Up for Issues

by Chuck Hempstead, Executive Director, TACT

As all TACT members know, between legislative sessions is when much of the thoughtful legislative work occurs. When we were in the House Speaker’s office two weeks ago, during the TACT Legislative Day, we were told that Interim Charges were imminent. The Senate released their charges last week, but we are still awaiting charges from the House. You may review them here and feel free to share any thoughts with us at

Your board of directors and staff will review these charges in the context of the member issues survey this past summer. We will create a legislative agenda, attend interim committee hearings and invite you to join us for the next TACT Legislative Day February 21 to visit legislators and their staff. As you review these charges be aware that we largely communicate with the Senate and House Higher Education Committees, Senate Finance and House Appropriations. Sometimes issues of concern to us are hidden among State Affairs Committees.

As always, feel free to share this strategy among your colleagues with a request that they join the effort. Every profession needs legislative representation and particularly faculty to assure that they are treated by the state as the professionals they are.

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