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Hazlewood Cost for 2018 at $237 Million

Hazlewood Cost for 2018 at $237 Million

The Hazelwood Act provides free Texas tuition to Texas veterans and their families. Every good deed comes with a price-tag and Texas paid $237,819,039.47 in 2018 to fund this initiative, according to data from the Texas Veterans Commission published March 8.

The report shows that 81% of the cost is mostly attributed to education for children or descendants of veterans. Veterans make up 18% of the cost and spouses 1.4%.

At $237 million a year, without being fully funded from the state of Texas, our higher Texas colleges and universities are financing these students by cutting in many areas and perhaps raising the cost for other students.

As TACT visits the Legislature this session, we are promoting TACT's legislative agenda which addresses this funding issue. Our position is, "The growing unfunded mandate of free tuition for some increases the costs for everyone else. The program should be fully funded or reconsidered."

To see the entire report, click here.

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