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Higher Education Leaders Learning from COVID-19 - Invitation to Participate

Hello Colleagues!

The SHSU Center for Assessment, Research, and Educational Safety (CARES) is inviting higher education leaders across the US to participate in a research study related to institutional responses to COVID-19. Our project, Higher Education Leaders Learning from COVID-19 Response, uses a crowdsourcing data collection method (IdeaScale) to examine decision making process and ideas for responding the COVID-19 pandemic. The ideas and suggestions we collect will help our researchers create guidelines for the current and future pandemic response in higher education. We understand there are tremendous pressures on you during this time as you deal with the evolving COVID-19 situation. Therefore, we anticipate collecting data for at least a year.  We hope to learn what US institutions of higher learning did well and what could have been improved in their ongoing COVID-19 response and future crises.

By following the link below, you will be prompted to set up an account before gaining access to our data collection tool, IdeaScale. During the profile set up process, there is a ‘Hide My Identity’ option at the bottom which will allow your posts and comments to remain confidential if you choose to do so. You can also choose to make only specific posts or comment confidential as well. Once a member, you will be able to post an idea as well as comment and vote on ideas from other community members. The community has seven categories, called campaigns, and we encourage you to share all of your ideas in each of these different areas.  As this is a year-long study, other campaigns and topics could emerge.

Join our community and start offering ideas by clicking here:

This link can be copied and sent to coworkers and peers to elicit ideas from all areas of higher education.  Please share widely.

Thank you for your consideration and support of this research. We are certain that with your support we can learn from COVID-19 and plan for future crises and pandemics in higher education.  If you have any questions about this study, please do not hesitate in contacting our center.


Matthew B. Fuller, Ph. D.

Associate Professor, Higher Education Leadership

Director, Doctoral Program in Higher Education Leadership

Director, Center for Assessment, Research, and Educational Safety

Sam Houston State University Huntsville, TX 77341-2119

P.O. Box 2530

Phone: 936.294.1865

This study is approved by the SHSU Institutional Review Board (Protocol # IRB-2020-149).You are receiving this request to voluntarily participate in research as a higher education professional.  If you believe this request no longer applies to you, is not valid, or wish to be removed from future requests, please email  You may also contact Ms. Sharla Miles with the SHSU IRB (; 936.294.4875; reference protocol # 2020-149) to discuss these data or their intended use.

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