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Librarians Lose Tenure at Texas A&M

Updated: May 26, 2022

Instigated by a MGT Consulting's findings and recommendations in 2021, the Texas A&M University System made major changes to their 10 libraries. In this restructuring, librarians had to choose to become university staff or stay tenured through another department. In the shuffle, 29 librarians relinquished their tenure or tenure-track status as 53 converted to staff status.

It's reported that one librarian on a tenure track left A&M and another states the restructuring doesn't clearly outline librarians' duties or future work with students, staff or faculty.

The Faculty Senate noticed the execution of these changes were happening rapidly and questioned the university on the reasoning of that decision. They requested major stakeholders be included in the decisions. For more information, see Houston Chronicle article.*

*According to the Texas A&M University-San Antonio library, only the campuses of College Station, Galveston, and Qatar are going through these changes.

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