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New Bill Seeks to End DEI Programs at Public Colleges/Universities, yet Protects Faculty Lectures

Last week Texas Representative Carl Tepper introduced HB1006 which makes amendments to the Education Code pertaining to public Higher Education Institutions. Here are the highlights:

  • Adds (1) foster a diversity of viewpoints, and (2) maintain political, social and cultural neutrality to the Institution's Responsibilities.

  • Adds the following to protected free speech, "published or unpublished faculty research, lectures, writings and commentary."

  • Under the section regarding student rights, the policy must "demonstrate a commitment to intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity" and "prohibit the funding or support of any office of diversity, equity and inclusion."

  • Also under student rights, it prohibits the endorsement or interference with any lifestyle, race, sex, religion or culture.

  • If someone sues for injunctive relief under these sections of the Education Code and wins, the institution must pay fees from the office of the CEO or the institution (i.e., no state funds can be used).

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