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Permitless Handgun Bill - TACT Responds

Last week the Texas House of Representatives passed Texas House Bill 1927, which allows any person to carry a hand-gun if they are over the age of 21 (without a license to carry). Schools and colleges are NOT in the list of places where they will be prohibited. Here's an article on the subject and the bill text. The bill is now in the Texas Senate for a vote.

It is important for you to let your voice be heard!

Send an email or call your Texas Senators' office TODAY and let them know how HB 1927 would impact you, campuses, higher education, and students. To find out who your Texas Senator and Representative are, click here.

TACT sent this response to the Texas Senators.


April 19, 2021

RE: Opposition to HB 1927

Dear Senator,

The Texas Association of College Teachers encourages you to NOT pass HB 1927 which would allow the carrying of guns without a permit. Just as we advocated for years to keep guns off campus, we believe fewer guns in society is safer.

With mental health issues rampant in our society and the cause of so much gun violence, a license process may deter or prevent an unstable person from obtaining a handgun for the purposes of harming them or others.

Professors are fearful that their academic freedom may be hindered due to the fear of retaliation for expression of their views. Professors feel it is very important for students to have a clear picture of their performance in class. Professors are worried about having honest conversations with students about their grades if they are carrying a handgun.

Please use your influence to reduce the growing number of mass shootings in Texas by keeping our streets clear of unnecessary weapons of destruction.

Chuck Hempstead

Legislative Director

Texas Association of College Teachers

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