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Re-Cap of TACT Legislative Day March 10

TACT members met at the Texas Capitol Rotunda on Friday, March 10, to visit with staff members of key legislators to present the TACT Legislative Agenda, but mostly to discuss proposed bills TACT President Klein spoke of in his article regarding tenure, CRT/Academic Freedom and DEI. It seems that many of the staff members had more second-hand information than hard facts. Educators educate and that’s what these members did. With every conversation, they gave specific examples of why these bills are not good for higher education, students and Texas. President Jim Klein with the assistance of TACT Legislative Director Beaman Floyd visited key legislative offices (see below) to make sure TACT members’ voices are heard.

TACT Legislative Day Agenda / March 10, 2023

Team 1

9:00: Sen. Phil King (Senate Higher Education Subcommittee Vice Chair)

9:40: Rep. Dustin Burrows (House Higher Education Committee)

10:20: Rep. Travis Clardy (House Higher Education Committee)

11:00: Rep. John Kuempel (House Higher Education Committee Chair)

Team 2

9:00: Sen. Brandon Creighton (Senate Higher Education Subcommittee Chair)

9:40: Rep DeWayne Burns (House Higher Education Committee)

10:20: Rep. Dennis Paul (House Higher Education Committee Vice Chair)

11:00: Rep. Suleman Lalani (House Higher Education Committee)

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