Tenure Being Discussed at the Capitol - Tomorrow

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

The main change in Senate Bill 1159 will change the performance evaluation of a tenured faculty member from six years to four years. The bill further clarifies and restricts reasons for revocation:

(5) a faculty member be subject to revocation of

tenure or other appropriate disciplinary action if the governing

board determines that:

(A)the faculty member is incompetent or has

engaged in [incompetency,] neglect of duty, sexual harassment,

fiscal malfeasance, plagiarism, or conduct involving moral

turpitude; or

(B) [or] other good cause exists for the

revocation or disciplinary action [is determined to be present].

Senate Bill 1623 is far more reaching, stating:

SECTION 1. Section 51.942, Education Code, is amended byadding Subsection (c-1) to read as follows:(c-1)For purposes of Subsection (c)(5), good cause forrevoking the tenure of or otherwise disciplining a faculty memberincludes the faculty member's initiation of a civil suit against astudent enrolled at the institution, regardless of whether theclaim is subsequently litigated or dismissed.

Call the Texas Senate Committee on Higher Education at (512) 463-4788, as well as your Texas legislators provide your opinion on these changes in tenure. To find out who your Texas Senator and Representative are, click here.

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