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Tenure & DEI Bills Pass in Committee - Act Now

Updated: May 31, 2023

SB 17 (DEI Bill) and SB 18 (Tenure Bill) were voted from the House Higher Education on Friday, May 12. The votes for both bills were 6-5, along party lines.

SB 17 was amended to allow boards to authorize DEI programs if required by grants or other financial programs. SB 18, the tenure bill, was the same bill heard in committee. It preserves tenure, and codifies post-tenure revue practices. Both bills were strongly opposed by the vast majority of witnesses in previous hearings.

The bills will now be reported to the House Committee on Calendars, which will have to not to place them on a calendar for consideration on the House floor.

What You Can Do

Contact members of the Calendars Committee and urge them not to set SB 17 or SB 18. A full list of the committee membership with contact information may be viewed here.

Contact your house member in anticipation of the bill being considered on the floor. Click here to find out who represents you.

The deadline for consideration of both bills on the House floor is May 23. Events will move swiftly between now and the end of the session, so do not delay in contacting your legislators and voicing your opinion on this critical legislation.

Your continued advocacy is crucial to affecting the legislation we have been working on for the last five months.

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