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Texas Legislature Picking Up Steam

Texas Legislature Picking Up Steam

Big Day at the Texas Legislature Wednesday…….The House adopted its version of public school finance reform while the Senate Finance Committee forwarded to the full Senate a recommendation for the next two-year state budget. With 49 days remaining in the session, tempers generally remain calm and progress is accelerating.

Late into the evening, TACT provided invited testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety. The issue was HB 1236, Representative Goodwin’s measure to allow public universities to opt out of the guns on campus legislation passed four years ago. Private colleges were allowed that option originally. Testimony was overwhelmingly against the bill, provided primarily by individuals with holstered handguns and one witness who appeared to carry a holstered rifle. Large, sheathed knives were plentiful.

HB 1236 remained pending in committee, as are most bills early in the session before the horse-trading begins.

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