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The Battle for Tenure Starts...Now

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick held a press conference yesterday, November 30, addressing his focus for the upcoming Legislative Session. Among the topics were increasing parental rights, the security of the electric grid, property tax, and (you guessed it) possibly eliminating tenure.

As you recall, Lt. Governor Patrick said in February 2022 that he would end tenure for all new hires and revoke tenure for professors that teach critical race theory. TACT has always regarded that tenure allows Texas to attract and retain world-class faculty, as well as protect academic freedom. According to the Dallas Morning News this is how Patrick responded to that notion: “If you’ve got that attitude — that you have no accountability to anyone, to any parent, any legislator and board of regents — well then maybe we can look at tenure,” he said. “They’ve just gotten a little out of control. Everybody knows it. Everybody’s afraid to say it. And I said, so here we are.”

We all know that there is accountability when professors have tenure and that’s why TACT is meeting with legislators tomorrow, including representatives with the Lt. Governor’s office. It is critical that we provide the facts to law makers and the public.

If you are a faculty member - talk to people you know and even civic groups and let them know what tenure is, how it protects higher education learning and how tenured professors are reviewed. See this video for guidance.

If you are a TACT member - consider giving to the TACT Government Relations Fund to assist our organization’s expenses to fight for your benefit!

If you aren’t a TACT member - Join TACT today! We need you to be aware of what is happening this Legislative Session and help us respond. Plus, your membership includes Educators’ Liability Insurance!

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