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The Legislature after the 3rd Special Session

by Chuck Hempstead, TACT Legislative Director

Take a breath, Legislators. You’ve endured three rapid-fire and successive Special Sessions since Sine Die of the Regular, and you passed a bunch of bills that didn’t make it through during the spring. Some want another Special, but we can take a pause.

We know you wanted to tackle redistricting, but we in higher education particularly appreciate your $3.3 Billion commitment to Capital Construction Assistance Projects (CCAP), formerly known as TRBs - or Tuition Revenue Bonds - to address the brick and mortar needs. It had been awhile and our buildings are showing their age. Facility enhancement has been near the top of TACT’s legislative wish list for some time, and our future students will benefit from this program. More is needed, but it is good to get off the six-year stalemate.

As you pursue your political futures, and maybe even your districts are secure, TACT reminds you that the future success of Texas and our economy hinges on today’s young people. We’re working on our next issues agenda and are committed to helping these students become our next leaders. We appreciate what you can do to help them, too.

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