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TODAY - Ask Your Legislators for $$ for Your School

Yesterday we notified you that Lt. Governor Patrick asked Governor Abbott to add Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs) to the Special Session. TODAY, the Governor added TRBs to the list. This is good news! We have the opportunity to get more funding for our schools.

Tuition Revenue Bonds (TRBs) are funds dedicated towards paying for university buildings, repairs and maintenance. The Texas Legislature is in its third Special Session, which is slated to end the middle of next week. The last time TRBs were approved was 2015. As you can see on TACT's Legislative Agenda, TACT has requested this from the Legislature for the last two sessions.


You know how much your buildings need repairs and to be re-imagined in light of advanced technology, not to mention fixing basic HVAC issues and storm repairs.

If your buildings need repairs or upgrades, NOW is the time to act.

Special Session ends NEXT WEEK

What Texas college doesn't need building improvements?

Call your Texas legislators TODAY and let them know how building funds will help faculty and students.


TACT sent the letter below to the entire Texas Legislature asking them to pass Tuition Revenue Bonds.

October 15, 2021 RE: We Need Your Support of Tuition Revenue Bonds Dear Senators and Representatives of the Texas Legislature The Texas Association of College Teachers asks for your support of Tuition Revenue Bonds in the third Special Session of the 87th Legislature. Our Texas Universities and Colleges have suffered through hurricanes, floods and ice storms and are in desperate need of building repair. As our higher education facilities age, face natural disasters, and become specialized due to discipline, workforce, and employer needs, our institutions require funding for: infrastructure, storm-proofing, electrical work, building and systems repairs and upgrades, and major technology enhancements. In addition, there are more students to accommodate and technology advances need to be made to keep up with demand and compete with other state universities. The Texas Association of College Teachers believes facility enhancements is one of the top four major issues facing higher education and has included this topic on our Legislative Agenda for more than four years. Thank you for voting FOR TRBs during this Special Session and for all you do for the state of Texas. Chuck Hempstead Legislative Director Texas Association of College Teachers

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