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University of Texas Shows Dedication to Tenure

This week The University of Texas President Jay Hartzell gave a State of the University speech that included protecting employees and tenure. According to the Austin American Statesman, Hartzell said tenure "is an essential tool for attracting world-class scholars that enables them to take risks on big ideas, work on the hardest problems society faces and strive for profundity, not simply production. Public research institutions have not wavered in protecting tenure, because it provides time and freedom to cultivate world-changing ideas."

You'll remember that the Lt. Governor made a declaration in February 2022 to end tenure for all new professors as well as those who teach critical race theory. TACT expects a battle protecting tenure and academic freedom during the upcoming Legislative Session this January. In light of that and Texas A&M librarians losing tenure, it's refreshing to hear Hartzell's focus. See full article here.

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