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Mental Health Funds for your Campus

In response to increased anxiety and depression created by the pandemic, colleges and universities can use Higher Education Emergency Funds (HEERF) to address the needs of not only students, but also faculty and staff. HEERF, authorized by the American Rescue Plan (ARP), provided $39.6 billion in March 2021 so institutions can serve those on campus by enriching their mental health.

In a report released by the U.S. Department of Colleges last month, examples of what colleges/universities are doing with these funds include:

  • Telehealth with 24/7 access to counselors

  • Gatekeeper training/suicide prevention

  • Call/Text hotline

  • Suicide Prevention Committee

  • Additional mental health counselors hired

  • Social workers hired

  • Wellness activities

  • Center for underserved/marginalized groups

  • Additional basic needs (childcare, food, housing)

Interested in providing additional emotional support for those on your campus? Click here for the full U.S. Department of Education Report.

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