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Your Security in the New Normal

by Chuck Hempstead, TACT Executive Director

Guess I’ve known my friend Gaines West for more than a few minutes now (or a few decades). I knew exactly what he’d write about for this issue. For your sake, don’t miss it and share with your colleagues. How lucky are we that he continues to share his wisdom and experience with TACT members? He is truly the pre-eminent higher education labor lawyer in Texas.

TACT offers a number of membership benefits, but let’s look at the top two in this crazy social environment – advocacy and liability insurance.

Advocacy: TACT was one of the last groups to lobby at the Capitol this past spring. Shortly after our biannual Legislative Visits, we delivered letters about Dual Credit policies to Members of the House Higher Education Committee. Then the meeting was cancelled and then the Capitol was closed. Last week an employee tested positive for COVID-19, so who knows when interim hearings will be rescheduled. We continue to communicate remotely.

EPLI: With your TACT membership comes Educators Professional Liability Insurance. After reading Gaines’s article in this issue, and knowing that higher education resources will be contracting, who among your professional friends would not want this additional protection?

It may be a not-so-brave new world, but TACT remains committed to enhancing your professional environment to best support your service to Texas higher education and your students.

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