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Stories about Tenure Needed

As TACT and the media have reported, the Lt. Governor publicly announced that his focus for this Legislative Session includes possibly eliminating tenure. In preparation to combat bills filed this Legislative Session regarding tenure, TACT wants to be armed with stories from the frontline on how Texas is loosing quality talents due to these threats.

Tenure Questions for You

  1. Has your department lost faculty members due to the tenure threat?

  2. Have potential faculty members or graduate/doctoral students not contracted with your Institution because Texas may eliminate tenure?

If you can answer YES to either of these questions, please email with a quick report of how you lost the ability to recruit or retain top talent at your college. Please include names, approximate date, department, your institution, your contact information, and the situation that occurred. When talking to legislators, the more brief and succinct the information, the better.

TACT will supply this information to our legislative director, Beaman Floyd, to compile and use when talking to legislators.

Deadline to reply – February 10

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